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Welcome to Shining Alliance

An EverQuest Guild on the Prexus Server

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8/3/11 First trip to the Well & all ends well. Hullo HoT T2! Give us your loot! :)  Special thanks go out to our friends in Callidus, TSM and SoF.

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Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

7/9/11 SA punches the clock and breaks into HoT with our first victory ! Special thanks to our friends from Callidus, TSM and SoF :)

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Badgers Badgers Badgers!

6/18/11 DAM! (ok ok, so only I think I am funny lol) SA busts thru Badgers! Full steam ahead with farming coins for T7 :)

View/Add a Comment Date: 07 August 2011
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Beast gets buried Below!

2/26/11 SA takes down the beast below & adds a few more farming coins for the next tier :)

View/Add a Comment Date: 07 August 2011
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Fippy Falls!

12/22/10 SA takes down Fippy and begins collecting coins for the next tier :)


View/Add a Comment Date: 07 August 2011
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Shining Alliance Wrecks Discord Tower!

Fact: There are more than 2000 registered guilds on the Rathe-Prexus server.

On November 3rd, Shining Alliance solidified its place among the top 10 guilds on the server, with victories over Tower 6 and 7, and the completion of Discord Tower!

Now, you might be saying to yourself, "Don't like 1990 of the guilds on the server only consist of one level two character and only serve the purpose of additional bank slots for another guild or toon?" The answer: Probably, but it's still cool to say!

All jokes aside, Shining Alliance has worked hard and had a lot of fun achieving what we have, and we got there only raiding six to seven hours per week. If you think a friends and family atmosphere with casual, non-mandatory raids would be a great fit for you, say hey to us in game or post an application on our forums. As we continue to farm Tower, we'll be setting our sights on Fippy and Teir 1 HoT raids. Who knows what lies ahead?

Special Thanks to our friends at Sword of Fate!

Tower6Victory.jpg picture by Silverboltt

Synarcana down with over 5 minutes to spare!

Tower7Midfight.jpg picture by Silverboltt

This event is funnier than one of Ciaguy’s jokes!

Tower6Victory.jpg picture by Silverboltt

Proud Shining Alliance members showing off their new Time Lord titles!

View/Add a Comment Date: 07 November 2010
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Shining Alliance Enters Discord Tower!

Shining Alliance entered Discord Tower this week with a bang, defeating the first two events: Mindblight and Trophy Room! Initially we encountered some trouble with distribution of DPS on the oozes and Mindblight, but after changing the way we handled the oozes we were able to devote more DPS to Mindblight during the short time he's up during each phase. The end result: All-You-Can-Eat crab meat for SA!


Saturday we returned to Tower for an attempt on event number 2: Trophy Room. The adds were not as difficult during this event as I had expected, but we did encounter some problems with positioning on the last three trophies. After one wipe, we regrouped and gave it another go. This time, we tanked the Electric Trophy off the platform towards the entrance. This allowed us to have tank groups keep the Pyrilen and Gelidran trophies busy and position them properly while DPS burned everything to the ground. Overall a very impressive performance from Shining Alliance!

TrophyRoomWin.jpg picture by Silverboltt

Congratulations SA on making it to Discord Tower and all the phat loots that go with it!

TrophyRoomLoot.jpg picture by Silverboltt

Although our raiding ranks are very robust these days, we could still very much use another cleric, enchanter, berserker, rogue, wizard, and necromancer!

View/Add a Comment Date: 01 June 2010
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Field of Scale #3 Down

We returned to Field of Scale last night to take down an event that had given us some trouble in the past. With on-the-ball tanks, fast healers and lots of DPS (plus a cool trick from the bards) we can now file this event under the "Won" category. Hopefully Sony gets the zone crashing issue resolved so we can farm more flying mounts. Good job SA!

JaledDarsSacrifice.jpg picture by Silverboltt

View/Add a Comment Date: 13 May 2010
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The Wins Keep Coming

Because Sony has limits on how fast we can get Tower keys to our troops, we've been going after some other events on the SoD raid list for more loot, spells, and glory. By the close of business today, Shining Alliance downed four raid events, two of which we had never won before! After a record time on Showdown at the Crystal Core, we decided to pay Rallos Zek a visit. With a tweaked strategy and more patience we were able to smoothly take down the trash, Murdunk, and Tallon and Vallon. Rallos Zek appeared shortly after, but was simply no match for SA.

RallosReturnsWin.jpg picture by Silverboltt

From there we marched on to Kaesora Library to challenge the Council once more. With some strong tanking, fast DPS switching, lots of healing, and an easy way around the DoTs, the Council was divided....into many small pieces.

CouncilDivdedWin.jpg Council Divided Win picture by Silverboltt

Overall, a very impressive performance by Shining Alliance today. With just a few more weeks of keying left to do, they better make some room in Tower for us!

View/Add a Comment Date: 10 April 2010
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Shining Alliance Defeats Korafax!

Shining Alliance returned to Korafax today for a clean sweep of the zone. After flawless wins on Pallorax and Ksathrax, we marched forward to prepare for another attempt on the Mindshear Avatar. We quickly reviewed the strategy and jumped right in. With phenomenal performances by everyone the acolytes fell one by one and the cowardly Avatar showed his ugly face - which we promptly smashed in.

MindshearWin.jpg picture by Silverboltt

Congratulations to all of those who are newly flagged for Discord Tower! From here we set in for some serious Tower Key farming. Now that we have the strategy nailed down for Mindshear we can get six Tower Keys per week.

KorafaxLockouts.jpg picture by Silverboltt

View/Add a Comment Date: 13 March 2010
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